Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister, suggested on Monday that the army chief general Qamar Javed Bajwa should be given a reprieve till elections and the installation of a new government.
He questioned how a fugitive having 85 seats [in the National Assembly] could choose the army chief in an interview with a TV station. I have no issue with the current government choosing the chief if they win the election.

"Elections would take place after 90 days since it's not possible before that," the show's host questioned Imran. Do you intend to suggest what should occur on Gen. Bajwa's retirement day? Its accommodation can be found; it's not a big concern, Imran Khan retorted. Its provision is available.
Imran responded, "I am only saying that the state is under extraordinary circumstances," when questioned once more about Gen. Bajwa's prolongation. During this time, we should consider the decisions that will be necessary to save the nation from its current predicament.

He insisted that they had warned those in positions of authority that fuel prices were rising and that, in the event of political unrest, no one would be able to manage the economy.

He emphasized that there would be no economic strength unless peace and stability was attained. If you don't take the initial step, you have no chance, he continued. Furthermore, he continued, he felt that Pakistan's security would be compromised if economic stability could not be reached and Pakistan went into default.They would pay us money if we comply with their demands, he said. 
The PTI chairman claimed that rain was to blame for the recent floods. As a result of the floods, Pakistan's food security would also be compromised because crops were abandoned and there were concerns that a wheat crop would not be able to be sown if the soil did not dry out in time.

In response to a query regarding the conduct of the next elections, he noted that while it was a test, the economy was also deteriorating. "The discount on Pakistani bonds at the world level was 4% when we were deposed, but it has already risen to 50% because there is a worry that Imran declared that everything he did would be under the purview of the Constitution. "They should provide me with a roadmap outlining the steps they might take in order to see the light ahead. Pakistan will get into more difficulties the longer these guys remain in power. 
He stated that winter would be when flooding would really be felt.The PTI chairman stated that Pakistan was facing a significant challenge, had no simple solution available, and whoever won the election would have a mountain of issues to deal with. Imran was very clear that he wasn't claiming to have all the answers. The first criterion, however, would be political stability. 
After winning the mandate, a strong state should be formed, and this would mark the beginning of political and economic stability. You have no hope if the initial move is not made right away, he warned.

He cautioned, "All Pakistanis ought to be concerned." The type of All strategies being used by the coalition government, according to Imran Khan, would fail since he has never buckled under pressure before or will do so in the future. He responded, "I haven't seen an election committee so biassed," in response to another query from the anchorperson, recounting the entire incident surrounding the hiring of the current chief election commissioner.

The chief election commissioner, according to Khan, "sabotaged the electronic voting machines (EVM) project," and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) exerted every effort to defeat the PTI in the July 17 elections in Punjab.