Shahbaz Gill's ECG reading yesterday night was abnormal, according to PIMS sources. According to sources, Shahbaz Gill is not experiencing cardiac or chest problems, and his general health is OK.

ISLAMABAD: According to hospital sources, physicians performed an electrocardiogram (ECG) on PTI leader Shahbaz Gill yesterday night after he was sent to the Islamabad Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) owing to "breathing" concerns.

Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan's Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill was sent to the PIMS hospital wednesday Evening after such an hours-long incarceration drama.According to those close to the situation, the ECG readings indicated that his pulse was higher than usual. Concerning Gill's condition, the sources stated that anxiousness may create respiratory problems and impair a person's heartbeat.

Shahbaz Gill, on the other hand, was not experiencing cardiac or chest discomfort, and his general health was good. According to the sources, the physicians may perform an ECG just on PTI leader today, and the physicians' board will conduct a medical screening on Gill just at hospital today.
It is worth noting that Gill is currently in police detention since August 9, when Islamabad police detained him in a sedition charge following contentious statements he made on a private television station.
He was arrested on allegations of sedition and encouraging members of state institutions against the Pakistan Army, according a Islamabad police official.

Shahbaz Gill requires'monitoring and evaluation' by professionals

 According to a report issued by the medical board overseeing Gill's hospital care, the PTI leader requires constant monitoring and evaluation by cardiologists and contents.

Board members Prof Lal Rahman, Dr Ali Miraj Shami, Professor SH Waqar, and Professor Shajee A Siddiqui stated in their report to the court that Gill "may require additional studies if required."

The medical board also stated in its report that Gill "has been a recognised case of asthma from infancy and has been on inhalation bronchodilators as necessary, has now appeared with a shortness of breath, body pains, including left shoulders, back, neck, right gluteal area, and left-sided chest discomfort."

 According to a report issued by the medical council supervising Gill's hospital care, the PTI leader requires constant evaluation and monitoring by medical experts and pulmonologists.
'The Supreme Court is being requested to take suo moto action.'

Speaking to the media late at night on the hospital grounds, PTI Punjab leader Ejaz Chaudhry said, "Who would be accountable if something occurs to Shahbaz Gill?"

Chaudhry also questioned the presence of unrelated persons in Gill's hospital room. "Inside the apartment are dressed police officers. There are also individuals who shouldn't have been present "said Chaudhry.

"I request that the Chief Judge of Pakistan (CJP) take apex court notice of a hospital condition."