The FIA is also looking for a list of PTI officials who are authorised to access the party's financial accounts.

ISLAMABAD: FIA has asked PTI Chairman Imran Khan for papers pertaining to the entire amount of funding given to the organization by domestic and foreign businesses.

The FIA initiated a nationwide investigation into the subject in response to the Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP) ruling that PTI got financing from illegal sources.The FIA requested Imran Khan to produce the history of something like the membership fee from the PTI's founding till the moment in a letter addressed to the PTI chairman.

Aside from requesting the party's chairman to provide records of its both registered and unregistered organisations and trusts, the investigating agency also requested yearly bank account reports for PTI dating back to 1996.Also requested from Imran Khan is a list of PTI's domestic and foreign contributors. The PTI chairman was also instructed by the FIA to individually provide information about monies received from different firms in various nations.

The agency has also requested the identities of people who were given permission to manage the party's bank accounts, along with a list of the officeholders of the party, their CNICs. Imran Khan has also been instructed by the inquiry agency to furnish information on the party's financial affairs board. The FIA must receive the information from the party's president and general secretary during the next fifteen days.FIA summons PTI leaders in a case involving illegal financing

Asad Qaiser, a former speaker of the National Legislature and a prominent PTI leader, Imran Ismail, a former governor of Sindh, and other figures have already been called by the FIA in connection with the continuing investigation into the matter of illegal fundraising.

According to the notice given to the former president, Qaiser has multiple bank accounts and is involved with the operation of those accounts, in accordance with the ruling in Akbar S. Babar's case. As a result, he has indeed been requested to come before the investigation team to provide answers about the specifics of the bank account.

To oversee investigations in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Quetta, a five-person FIA monitoring team has been established. Muhammad Athar Waheed serves as the team's leader.FIA summons PTI leaders in a case involving illegal financing