Before the release of her new album, 'Renaissance,' Beyoncé posted a sweet photo of her children dozing down and a message she wrote to them.

Blue, 10, Rumi, 5, and Sir, 5, were all in bed together when Beyoncé shared a touching photo on Instagram.

She also wrote a "special thank you" for her children and husband Jay-Z in advance of the 29th of July release of her Renaissance album.

For the first time since the outbreak, she posted a photo of her family and a statement about the initiative on her website on July 28.

"During this time, I discovered that it was also the most creative period of my life. When the world was in turmoil, I used this CD as a place to escape and dream."

The 40-year-old singer called the record a "wonderful voyage of investigation" in her address to fans.

To thank Rumi, Sir and Blue for giving me the opportunity to express myself, "I would want to extend my gratitude," she said. The late hours in the studio were made easier by the support of my spouse and muse, who kept me sane.

Throughout her letter, she acknowledged her late uncle Jonny for being the first person to expose her to "the music and culture" that influenced the record.

The mom of three takes a nice selfie as she cuddles up next to her sleeping children.